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God Bless US Veterans!

September 11, 2001 - Never Forget!

The islamic fundamentalist terrorists declared open war on western civilization on that day.  They brought down two symbols of what civilized educated people can do.  They want the world to return to the desert, ruled by Imans and Mullahs, and they will not stop until this happens - UNLESS WE KEEP UP THE FIGHT!

September 11NINE years at war.  No appeasement, just victory!

The Democrats want to cut and run.  The media want you to forget, and appease.  A Mosque near Ground Zero? Really? Why can't we have the Ten Commandments in a court house, but we can have foot washing stations for muslims? Is that what America is about?  Really? 

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The News - Latest News
Written by John   
Sunday, 19 April 2009

Hey Everyone --

Important to remember that your home-owners association dues are DUE!

Please make sure you take the time today, if you have not already, to get that check in the mail.


Also, Marc has put out a request for volunteers.  This is a chance for all of you who want some changes to throw your backs and your time behind your desire!

In case you did not get the email - click "read more" to see the request. 

SHOA - Waiting! E-mail
The News - Latest News
Written by John   
Wednesday, 20 August 2008

SHOA -- Waiting for the Votes.

So, we're waiting for the results.  I've not heard anything yet, and so  we wait.

Just FYI, the responses and comments I've received HERE, and the email I've received separately, shows about 70% NO... so, we're just waiting on the final tally - And, of course, for the promised "list of locations" for the speed humps.


If anyone hears anything, please let me know!

UPDATE - September 13 2008 - Electronic version of the news letter was mailed out.... IN MS PUBLISHER format...

Since this is not a universal format, or one that many people would actually have access to, I converted to PDF.  Click HERE to see the newsletter and vote totals. 


Southlands HOA - VOTE NO E-mail
The News - Latest News
Written by John   
Sunday, 10 August 2008

Yes, Once again it's me.

And again I am urging you to vote no.

If you want the Board to enter into a 240,000.00 loan with no guarantees of the outcome or the permanent effect on our association dues, feel free to vote yes.

Marc and others on the board expressed to us and directly to me in the last meeting (this past Thursday, August 7th 2008) that, to paraphrase "they're not spending any more time on this, and, if we homeowners' don't vote yes to the loan, they'll just keep raising the fees anyway to pay for what they feel is needed."

They are not interested in proposing less expensive improvements.  They want the Cadillac, even though that's not what they bought into when they moved here.



AND, if you want to ensure your vote is counted, please feel free to drop the vote off at my house to be turned in together.  See the Vote No message in the discussion thread if you need my address. 

Southlands Homeowner's! ATTENTION! E-mail
The News - Latest News
Written by John   
Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Southlands Homeowners - Your attention please!

I'll post more notes up here later about the homeowners meeting part2 that was held last night, July 29th 2008.


I have some comments, and fears, and, given the pace at which the board is trying to run this "Master Plan" through, we need your attention please.

You can download the SHOA covenants on the southlands website, or, you can dowload them here along with a copy of my comments, and suggested covenant changes.  But even that does not address the full "Master Plan", and last night details were revealed for the first time. 


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