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John's Thoughts
Over Indulgence part II
Written by John   
Friday, 23 December 2005

More on Over Indulgent parents and the Xbox 360.

First, let me give some background on this thing called the Xbox 360.

Technology wise, it truely is a masterpiece.  3 processor cores and video that is out of this world.

That said, it's nothing but another video game if you hook it up to a regular television.

Over Indulgent Parents - AKA: Xbox 360
Written by John   
Saturday, 17 December 2005

What is it about parents that can't say no?

Now, I love my kids just as much (no, probably more) than anyone.  But there is no way on earth that I would cave in to my kids demand to have an Xbox 360 for Christmas.

But there are hundreds, no, THOUSANDS of parents who are doing just this.  Best Buy got a shipment of these cool toys some weeks ago - on "Launch day", and there were over 250 people in line prior to the midnight opening.  Of course, I was on hand - working - to help these people understand networking of the units, etc.

So we're getting MORE of them.  The truck arrived late today, and they'll be available tomorrow (sunday) morning.

There were over 60 people in line when I pulled up to work at 3pm Saturday afternoon.... and it's cold outside.

[4:48am Sunday, December 18]

Here I am again.  The lovely wife Beth sent me to bed before I could finish this.  I'm up now, making coffee so I can get to the store for a 6am meeting.  Not my favorite thing, but come January these things will be back to their normal 8:30am meeting times...

Christmas Is Coming!!
Written by John   
Wednesday, 14 December 2005

Yes, I said it.  Christmas is coming!

You won't get any "PC" happy holidays out of me.  Well, maybe occasionally at work I'll say it, but it is all about Christ that we're doing this stuff this time of year.  Celebrating the birth of the baby Jesus.

Yes, I know that there is academic debate that his actual birth occured sometime in September, and that the early Christian Church moved the holiday to co-incide with and absorb a more pagan holiday (Wassaling, I think it was...).  But that's not the point.

The point is, if a Christian were to keep a muslim from celebrating some holy day it would be a hate crime.

If a Christian were to tear down a jewish religeous symbol, that too would be a hate crime.

So, why is it ok for the socialist left in this country to abuse the "separation of church and state" provision in the constitution to conduct a protracted campaign against Christianity?  Is that not too a hate crime? 

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