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$4 Gallon gas!
Written by John   
Saturday, 14 June 2008

$4 Gallon gas got you down?  Thank your democratic / socaialist congress and their decades of sucking up to the environmentalist movements.

Environmentalists are Anti-Capitalists at heart anyway.

Have you signed the petition?  Drill here, Drill now, Pay less - on the American Solutions website?

Read on to see a message I got today from American Solutions ( 

Southlands Homeowners - Vote No!
Written by John   
Sunday, 13 May 2007

Very Seldom do I write about local / personal matters on this site.

In fact, I've neglected to write much of anything here in the past several months... 

But a recent letter, and 7 pages of suggested "enhancements" to our local home-owners association covenants, has urged me to address this important issue.

The concept of these changes is to:

  1. Make it easier for the Board of the HOA to make decisions that will effect everyone, with a smaller number of votes - or in some cases no vote at all beyond the "board" itself
  2.  Make it easier for the Board to control what YOU do, on the Property that you legally and rightfully own.
Why vote NO?  First I would pose the question - Why change?  What's broken?  What needs so desperately to be fixed?

We've lived here for 8 years now, and the subdivision has existed longer than that using the covenants that were in place.  We faced a random and arbitrary Assessment increase, both last year and this, with the only explanation being "our neighbors pay more".  I don't care what the residents of Willow Tree pay, frankly. This is not about keeping up with the neighbors expenditures... it's about our association and what they do to protect our common property and facilities with the assements necessary to do so.
Take comfort in your delusion
Written by John   
Wednesday, 08 November 2006

Take comfort in your delusion, for what you have done won't effect you.

It will, however, effect you children, and your children's children...

Your votes yesterday, condeming the war in Iraq, have already had far reaching consequences.  The Muslim hordes are emboldened already. Hamas has declared WAR on the United States and Israel.

You are blind in your comfortable homes, secure in the thought that by electing Democrats you've protected your liberties and will bring those soldiers home.  Instead, what you've done oh short sited ones, is given a victory to Al Queda.  You've shown them that all they have to do is be patient, and they'll wear down the Great Satan.  Yesterday, while reading Boortz , I clicked a link he posted on his site.  It took me here, where I read the scariest thing I've ever read in my life. Scary because that is the true plan of the Islamic Fascists.

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