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Put an end to Hyphenated America
Written by John   
Thursday, 27 April 2006

The whole "hyphenated american" syndrome and the Politically Correct baggage that it carries is more divisive and harmful to America than anything.

In fact, it's an intellectual and cultural civil war.  It's a cancer in our society that will ultimately divide us and destroy this great nation, just like the Class Warfare that the socialist democrats spew.  It creates dozens of special interest groups that all seek some priviledge be given to them due to their status.

And those who entered this country Illegally need to be punished for breaking those laws.  If they don't like the laws of this country, they need to go back to where they're from. 

Help Charity and support the Fair Tax!
Written by John   
Thursday, 27 April 2006

So, you've suffered through filing your taxes...

It's time to keep the Fair Tax in the mind of your congressmen and senators.

Boortz's Fair Tax book is out in paperback.  He's contributing every cent of the profit to charity - how's that for a greedy rich bastard?  Click that link there to read all about it.

If everyone bought 3 copies (one for each of your senators, and one for your congressman) and mailed them to Washington, do you think they'd take notice?

Use the Amazon.Com link below - Help start the revolution! 


April 17th - US tax day...
Written by John   
Monday, 17 April 2006

So, it's here.  And I wonder how many of you are saying "I didn't have to pay, I got money back!".

And yet hundreds of thousands of citizens - your neighbors and mine - will be rushing to meet the deadline for filing their "voluntary" tax returns.

The burden of the current tax code is horrible.  I spent 20+ hours myself on doing our taxes, and that's with tax software!  Another 5 doing my daughters taxes.

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