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A Guest Commentary!
Written by John   
Sunday, 21 May 2006

A solution other than the Fair Tax? 

A few days ago a person who calls himself John W K (JWK) posted a comment to my article on the fair tax rally.  In truth, because it was entirely 'links' to other sites, I did not authorize the comment to be posted.  Instead, I emailed him and asked him to state his point without using off-site links.
Well, for the most part, he's done so, and his commentary will follow - our first guest comment on the Fair Tax.  
Now - Comment on the Articles!
Written by John   
Friday, 12 May 2006

Attention all Stegenga.Net readers!

You can now comment on select articles!  Because anonymous comment are permitted, each comment must be approved - so you might not see your comment immediatlely. Sorry about this - it's not about censorship, it's about keeping our comment system from being spammed. 

Try it out below!


Neal Boortz Agrees
Written by John   
Friday, 12 May 2006

The other day I posted an article about how coordinated negative media coverage effects the President's poll numbers.

Today, Atlanta based national radio commentator posted in his daily diatribe, Neal's Nuze, a few bullet points that echo my comments.  Read about it here!

Atlanta Fair Tax Rally
Written by John   
Monday, 01 May 2006

Don't miss it! Be there if you can!

It's free, and it shows your support!  If you can be there, please show up!

[edit]  - to John w k / you posted a comment, but it contained virtually nothing but URLs.  Sorry, if you want to make a point or comment, do it here, not by pointing people to a dozen sites. 

New Site - New capabilities!
Written by John   
Saturday, 07 January 2006

A new site:

Yes - the site has been re-designed.  Most of the information from the old site was old - over a year - and so it's been removed. Not that it's not true, it's just old. And I don't feel like retyping everything!

New Capabilities!

This site has many new capabilities!  You, the reader, can submit information!  You might even earn yourself your own section / blog!  We'll have news, photos and other stuff added as fast as we can.

The Quinlan Visual Arts center
Written by John   
Saturday, 05 November 2005

The Quinaln Visual Arts center, a not for profit museum and art education center in Gainesville, Georgia, recently unveiled their new website.

The site was designed by John Stegenga (aka, with help and support from the Quinlan staff.  A good bit of credit for the template design goes to Arnoldo Tijerina - an internet friend of mine.  He helped me get the template working the way it should - something that would have taken me many hours.

One of the cool things about the internet is that even though he's a competitor (for website design and hosting) he was willing to help me with this template problem.  Arnoldo runs his service,, down in Florida.

Please visit the Quinlan Website!  Their giftshop should be online soon! 

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