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The war on Drugs?
Written by John   
Saturday, 05 November 2005

Those of you who know me know that my political leanings are decidedly not to the left.  At least not in most cases.  For example, I really don't think that the "War On Drugs" is doing much more than wasting money and putting a lot of otherwise good people (or potentially good...) into prisons, where they learn how to be much bigger and badder than they were when they went in. 

That statement goes against what most would suppose to be my "Republican" leanings.  But you have to understand the flip side of the statement. You see, I also believe that if you choose to ruin your life with drugs, don't ask me to pay your bills.

That ought to be simple enough for people to understand.  I'm not going to make my self responsible for the choices you make in life - i.e. I won't impose my morality on you, but in return you had better not try to get at my wallet to pay for your poor choices.

People will ask "But what if the drug addict trys to rob a person?".  And my reply is "Then, he or she has committed a REAL crime - a crime against another person's life, liberty, or property."  And, when someone commits a crime against someone's life, liberty or property, then they DO need to go to jail.

But you don't arrest a guy for farming a half acre of Pot.  He's just trying to make a living, after all.  Or maybe he's growing it just for his own use.  Either way, I don't really care.

Oh, now I can hear you all crying out "But what about kids!".  Well, good people, it is YOUR responsibility to teach your kids what is right and what is wrong.  Just as you teach your kids not to get into a car with a stranger, you shoudl also teach them how you feel about drugs, and what to do if someone offers them to your kids.

If you catch your kids doing something that you don't like, then punish them.  Talk to them.  Teach them to be responsible for their own actions.  They are, after all, YOUR KIDS.


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