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God Bless US Veterans!

September 11, 2001 - Never Forget!

The islamic fundamentalist terrorists declared open war on western civilization on that day.  They brought down two symbols of what civilized educated people can do.  They want the world to return to the desert, ruled by Imans and Mullahs, and they will not stop until this happens - UNLESS WE KEEP UP THE FIGHT!

September 11NINE years at war.  No appeasement, just victory!

The Democrats want to cut and run.  The media want you to forget, and appease.  A Mosque near Ground Zero? Really? Why can't we have the Ten Commandments in a court house, but we can have foot washing stations for muslims? Is that what America is about?  Really? 

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November 21 2005
Written by John   
Monday, 21 November 2005

November 21 2005 - "T-4 to Black Friday"

Working In Retail

Retail can be great.  Lots of new people to meet.  Discounts on goodies. But you don't get time off around the Holidays.  And, truely, I've gotten USED to time off around the Holidays.  Christmas and Thanksgiving just about every other company slows down.  But now that I'm working at Best Buy, all things have changed.

Example:  Tonight, the XBOX 360 launches in our store - at Midnight.  So, I had most of the day off, but I have to go into work at 8:30 pm and work until 2:30 am.  After that, I get to drive straight home, drop into bed, and be back at work at 11:00am.  Oh joy.

Example 2:  We all get Thanksgiving day off.  So, Wednesday night I'll be at the store until midnight to get everything ready for "the day after".  Black Friday.  After enjoying a nice Thankgiving dinner with my wonderful wife and the kids, I have to stuff myself into bed around 9pm.  Any later and I might as well just stay up - because I have to be at the store at 3:30am.  Yep, 0330 for you military types.  And I promised my crew I'd get coffee... so I have to be at Dunkin Donuts around 3.

Oh, and dont' forget - Employees can't get the "door busters".  It would be 'unethical' for the employees to grab them up after the customers waited outside for hours... and I do agree with that, by the way.  I guess I'll just have to live with the employee discount... 

Some other thoughts

  • Democrats suck.  It amazes me that they can politicize this war.  And the media is complicit!  Why are they not showing all the tapes of the democrats - while clinton was president (lower cased on purpose!) - expounding on the evils of Saddam and his WMD's?  Apparently that didn't ever happen, and BUSH is the only one who ever said that Saddam had WMDs - at least according to ABC/CBS/NBC and CNN...  
  • Republicans have no spine.  They're the majority, but they can't stick together on a single "conservative" issue.  Not even reducing the budget.  Not even fixing medicare and social security. And the President's commission on Tax Reform?  Holy Heck!  How rediculous!
  • Natural Gas stays HIGH while Gasoline prices drop.  Does that make sense?  It does.. because government agencys - Public Service Commissions - require gas utilities to lock their prices a month in advance.  So, while prices and expectations were at their all time high, prices were set.  Now that the refineries and shipping facilities in the gulf have been assessed and repaired, we find that capacity and supply will be fine... but the price is locked.  Another reason that government regulation of Gasoline "profits" is a horrid idea.
So, that's my thoughts for the day... And if I don't post again before then, happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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