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Data Streams
Written by John   
Thursday, 24 November 2005

Data Streams:

What are Data Streams? The new website allows us to display dynamic content from other sources. For example, if you'd like to see some TV shows that people are requesting on Poopli, just click POOPLI below.


These streams of informaion, or "feeds" are created using a communication protocol called RSS. I've tied several different feeds into this website. Please choose a section to view related feeds.


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Politics - a TON of data...

Politics is always a fertile ground for discussion... If you're interested in politics, have a look at our feeds from "The Washington Times". While the Washington Post is decidedly left of center - like the New York Times and the Atlanta Journal, the Washington Times has a more metered view - a little more objective. And certainly less socialist than the Atlanta Journal.

Politics Stream



Coming Soon!

The Fair Tax Money Stamp!

Very soon you'll be able to spread the word just by spending your hard earned dollar!

Stay Tuned for details.