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Over Indulgent Parents - AKA: Xbox 360
Written by John   
Saturday, 17 December 2005

What is it about parents that can't say no?

Now, I love my kids just as much (no, probably more) than anyone.  But there is no way on earth that I would cave in to my kids demand to have an Xbox 360 for Christmas.

But there are hundreds, no, THOUSANDS of parents who are doing just this.  Best Buy got a shipment of these cool toys some weeks ago - on "Launch day", and there were over 250 people in line prior to the midnight opening.  Of course, I was on hand - working - to help these people understand networking of the units, etc.

So we're getting MORE of them.  The truck arrived late today, and they'll be available tomorrow (sunday) morning.

There were over 60 people in line when I pulled up to work at 3pm Saturday afternoon.... and it's cold outside.

[4:48am Sunday, December 18]

Here I am again.  The lovely wife Beth sent me to bed before I could finish this.  I'm up now, making coffee so I can get to the store for a 6am meeting.  Not my favorite thing, but come January these things will be back to their normal 8:30am meeting times...

As for the "over indulgent ones", I hope they're all ok out there in the parking lot.  

It's 40 degrees out side, with a wind-chill of 35.  Not exactly Camping weather.

What drives a parent to cave in to their kids like that?  Perhaps they think they're doing it out of love, but heck - the Xbox 360 premium is a $400 item!  $400 for one kid for one Christmas present?  And I don't care what anyone says - unless you have a High Definition television to connect it to, it's not going to look much better than the standard Xbox.  Period.

I had that discussion with our 15 year old.  Was he disappointed?  Yes.  But he knows that Santa Clause can't afford to get $400 Christmas presents for anyone, much less one that needs to be hooked up to a $1000+ television.

I'll post more after I get home.... around 2:30 pm eastern time.



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