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A new James Bond - again?
Written by John   
Tuesday, 07 March 2006

Another new James Bond?

Hmm.  Makes you wonder.  They made the first dozen or so films with just two actors... And they're on the 3rd for the last 4 movies.  What's wrong with this picture?  I really loved Pierce Brosnan in the role.  I've liked him since Remmington Steele, actually.  But one thing about the Bond movies that always remains in your mind is the opening credits, and the music that goes with them.

Where am I going with this? Well, Daniel Craig is a fine actor - loved him in Layer Cake.  If you've not seen that, you ought to.  A dramatic illustration of how the best layed plans can easily run afoul of Murphy's Law.

But will he make a great James Bond?  Time will tell, I suppose.  They're remaking a good one here, with Casino Royale, so it's a great chance to get a new twist on the franchise.

So, I'm driving down the road thinking about this new James Bond, having heard more about it on a local morning radio show - some blurb about people joining the cast, you know, whatever they can tell you in 30 seconds, and then I popped in a CD - I hate the blabber and commercials in the morning on Radio.  And what does the little "random" feature of my CD player hit me with? Perfect Strangers from INXS new album, SWITCH..

And my mind immediately, without a moments delay, connects that song with James Bond.  What a joy and wonder that would be, to have a song like Perfect Strangers as the opening to Casino Royale! 

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