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God Bless US Veterans!

September 11, 2001 - Never Forget!

The islamic fundamentalist terrorists declared open war on western civilization on that day.  They brought down two symbols of what civilized educated people can do.  They want the world to return to the desert, ruled by Imans and Mullahs, and they will not stop until this happens - UNLESS WE KEEP UP THE FIGHT!

September 11NINE years at war.  No appeasement, just victory!

The Democrats want to cut and run.  The media want you to forget, and appease.  A Mosque near Ground Zero? Really? Why can't we have the Ten Commandments in a court house, but we can have foot washing stations for muslims? Is that what America is about?  Really? 

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April 17th - US tax day...
Written by John   
Monday, 17 April 2006

So, it's here.  And I wonder how many of you are saying "I didn't have to pay, I got money back!".

And yet hundreds of thousands of citizens - your neighbors and mine - will be rushing to meet the deadline for filing their "voluntary" tax returns.

The burden of the current tax code is horrible.  I spent 20+ hours myself on doing our taxes, and that's with tax software!  Another 5 doing my daughters taxes.

Life would be so much easier, and the burden of all of these special interest rules ($0.51 cents per gallon of ethanol used to make 'Gasohol' fuel is paid as a subsidy to the refiners!) and income re-distribution programs.  To borrow from Boortz's web page,
  • $495 billion for national defense.
  • $272 billion spent by the federal government for the purchase of goods and payment of employees
  • $1.69 trillion sent to someone else.  $1.69 trillion in income redistribution.
Do you believe it?  Our politicians take 1.7 TRILLION dollars from those people who work and succeed, who earn it, and use it to buy the votes of those who think there is such a thing as "Government Money".
Support the Fair Tax.  It's the only way to save this sinking ship. 
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