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God Bless US Veterans!

September 11, 2001 - Never Forget!

The islamic fundamentalist terrorists declared open war on western civilization on that day.  They brought down two symbols of what civilized educated people can do.  They want the world to return to the desert, ruled by Imans and Mullahs, and they will not stop until this happens - UNLESS WE KEEP UP THE FIGHT!

September 11NINE years at war.  No appeasement, just victory!

The Democrats want to cut and run.  The media want you to forget, and appease.  A Mosque near Ground Zero? Really? Why can't we have the Ten Commandments in a court house, but we can have foot washing stations for muslims? Is that what America is about?  Really? 

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Put an end to Hyphenated America
Written by John   
Thursday, 27 April 2006

The whole "hyphenated american" syndrome and the Politically Correct baggage that it carries is more divisive and harmful to America than anything.

In fact, it's an intellectual and cultural civil war.  It's a cancer in our society that will ultimately divide us and destroy this great nation, just like the Class Warfare that the socialist democrats spew.  It creates dozens of special interest groups that all seek some priviledge be given to them due to their status.

And those who entered this country Illegally need to be punished for breaking those laws.  If they don't like the laws of this country, they need to go back to where they're from. 

I've seen a great quote from Teddy Roosevelt, and I'll post it here...

"In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person's becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American...There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn't an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag... We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language... and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people."

Theodore Roosevelt, 1907

  It's time for those who come here to assimilate themselves to our culture, our values, and our language.  To say we need to embrace multi-culturalism is to say we must disassemble the culture that makes America what it is today.


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