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Atlanta Fair Tax Rally
Written by John   
Monday, 01 May 2006

Don't miss it! Be there if you can!

It's free, and it shows your support!  If you can be there, please show up!

[edit]  - to John w k / you posted a comment, but it contained virtually nothing but URLs.  Sorry, if you want to make a point or comment, do it here, not by pointing people to a dozen sites. 

Neal Boortz FairTax Rally

Who: Neal Boortz

What: Wants you to attend his FREE FairTax Rally

When: Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Where: Gwinnett Convention Center Time: 7:30 p.m.

Why: Neal Boortz is sick and tired of the IRS! He wants the IRS abolished and replaced with the FairTax! Join Boortz, Sean Hannity, Herman Cain, Georgia Congressman John Linder as they rally Georgians for the FairTax!

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john w k  - H.R.25 violates founder's principles!   |Posted From |2006-07-03 22:32:58

H.R. 25 is a socialist type of tax and violates a fundamental rule of our Constitution.

I have provided irrefutable documentation in Republican Tax Reform Attacks Federalism, free ...that H.R. 25 violates the agreed upon rule by which the various states, under the Constitution, agreed to contribute in a general tax to fill the national treasury.

Our founding fathers agreed, during the Convention of 1787 to change the rule for a general tax from a tax based upon wealth, to a general tax among the states which tied representation and taxation together! 

Each state agreed, by its ratification of our Constitution, to pay a general tax based upon its voting strength which would insure that those states paying the lions share of the tax burden to fund the Constitutionally authorized functions of the federal government, would likewise have a proportional voice, equal to their financial c...
john  - Admin replies   |Posted From |2006-07-03 22:40:31
Of course, you'll then agree that the CURRENT tax structure is even more a violation of the framers intent.

My support of the fair tax does not disavow the fact that it is not what the framers of our great nation intended, but it is the largest transfer of power from the government to the governed in a very long time.

The Fair Tax is not the cureall. The cureall is to get our government back to it's constitutional perogative. However, this is something best done in steps. The Fair Tax is one. One step away from the socialist economy our government is crafting... an economy and society of dependence, dependence on government to be "mommy and daddy" to everyone. That is a condition I abhore, and one that can be fixed, in steps, starting with the Fair Tax.

Thanks again John W K for visiting!
john w k   |Posted From |2006-07-17 22:46:05
I’m sure most of those who promote H.R. 25, the alleged fair tax, know the friends of big government and socialists in America worked very hard during the late 1800’s to have an “income tax” adopted because it would allow them, via the force of federal taxation, an unfettered access to tax the people’s wealth, property and financial success wherever it was found and within each particular state.

But the Court struck this wealth based tax down on several occasions citing our Constitution’s fair share formula [Art. 1, Sec.2., Cl, 3] and even went on to elaborate upon its requirement, that, whenever such a tax [a tax upon wealth, property and financial success levied among the states] is laid by Congress, it must, at the very least, be apportioned among the states as declared in our Constitution!

In the opinion of the SCOTUS in POLLOCK v. FARMERS' LOAN & TRUST CO., 158 U.S. 601 (1895) the Court correctly points out:

The founders antic...
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