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A problem with polls...
Written by John   
Tuesday, 09 May 2006

So the President has some low poll numbers....

What does it mean, when one poll shows Bush's approval rating at 31%, and another shows it up from 33% at 35%?

Well, one would say that it meant the President was doing a horrible job, of course!

Au Contraire, Mon Ami.

What these polls show is that the constant negative spin that the leftist media puts on everything is working.

SO... how much have you heard on the news about how good the economy was doing?  I'd bet not much.  But the economy is doing better than it did under Clinton, thanks in large part to the tax cuts passed by the Republicans.  But instead of standing up and shouting this, the Republican leadership seems to be lost in a cloud.

Most likely you've heard all of the complaints about the cost of gasoline, but have you heard that it was the liberal democrats and their environmentalist friends who, for years and years with the complicity of the media, have decried the expansion of domestic oil drilling and refining? 

Again, the Republicans should be screaming this from the top of the mountains, holding rallies and issuing press releases... but I guess 40 years in the shadows of the Democrats has left them with little spine.  So what do the Republicans do?  They climb up and demagogue "price gouging" and such, over and over, just like the liberals.

Please, people.  If you read this, write your congressmen.  Write your senators.  Please, please tell them to grow a spine and start standing up for themselves.  They need to get focused on conservative values and stop acting like democrats!

edit: May 11, 2006: I heard on the news this morning that a poll in Georgia, a state wide poll, indicates George Bush's aproval rating in GEORGIA is 46%.  Not great, but higher than those polls published by the liberal media.  Perhaps the USA-Today and NY Times polls are just calling people in big cities in Blue States?

Anyway - I've opened this up for comments.  Your comments will have to be approved, because I'll be allowing anonymous ones and 'approval' is the only way to prevent spam and foul language.


John  - The first comment - from the author...   |Posted From |2006-05-11 08:30:17
If you don't know it, it's easy to manipulate a poll. First, you decide what you want to hear, then work backwards. You call people who live in areas more likely to provide the answer that you are working toward, and make sure that you have questions that lead in that direction....
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