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I beg to differ
Written by John   
Thursday, 11 May 2006

So, I was reading Neal's Nuze today, and found a link to an interesting article by Dick Morris.

In the article, Mr. Morris, a respected political advisor, posits that the only way Republicans can win this fall is to run like democrats. 

In principal, I agree.  The Republicans have to run hard, and tell people what they want to hear.  After all, that's what the demo(socialists)crats do.  They stand up and demagogue the sucessful people in the country (aka the rich), and tell people that their momma the 'gubment will take good care of them and give them something.

Republicans ratings in the polls have not decreased amoung democrats.

Rather, it has dropped precipitously with their CORE constituency - the conservatives in this country.  So, you see, the message that they have been sending, combined with the constant bashing they receive from the liberal media in this country, has turned their core against them.

If your friends AND your enemies are against you, you cannot win.

In the article, he goes to say "The GOP line on oil companies totally misses the fact that voters see a vast conspiracy by big oil companies to manipulate the price to feather their own nests." and to a degree, I agree - but not for the reason he states: "All talk of supply increase or demand decrease is quite beside the point for the average voter. The issue is whether or not you are part of the conspiracy to fix and raise prices."

If the national media did not demagogue the socialist side of the issue, with it's continued insistance that the price of Oil is George Bush's fault, then the average citizen would understand.

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately the dumb masses who believe this are not part of the Republican / Conservative base.  It's important to note that.  Because what he misses entirely is the fact that Republicans have alienated their base. 

Republicans need to get out there and point out that it's the Democrats fault.  Years of capitulation and collusion with left wing environmentalist groups - that's the reason the price of Oil is so high.  During the 70's and 80's, when the congress was primarily controlled by Democrats, and the 90's when Clinton and his crowd were in power, the whole falacy of "global warming" was hatched to hamstring the American industrial machine. 

If the sensationalist media, the socialist-democras, and the envrionmentalists had not been in collusion for the past 20 odd years, we'd have a far lower dependence on imported oil.  Domestic production of Oil has been hamstrung, and because of environmental restrictions no refining capacity has been added in this country.  Without excess capacity, we suffered shortages when that capacity was damaged by hurricane Katrina.

Republicans need to speak to their base.  They need to reject huge bugdets loaded with pork projects.  They need to immediately authorize the construction of 50 nuclear power plants, at least one in each state.  And eliminate the $0.55 tariff on imports of ethanol.

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