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God Bless US Veterans!

September 11, 2001 - Never Forget!

The islamic fundamentalist terrorists declared open war on western civilization on that day.  They brought down two symbols of what civilized educated people can do.  They want the world to return to the desert, ruled by Imans and Mullahs, and they will not stop until this happens - UNLESS WE KEEP UP THE FIGHT!

September 11NINE years at war.  No appeasement, just victory!

The Democrats want to cut and run.  The media want you to forget, and appease.  A Mosque near Ground Zero? Really? Why can't we have the Ten Commandments in a court house, but we can have foot washing stations for muslims? Is that what America is about?  Really? 

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Fair Tax Rally in Orlando!
Written by John   
Wednesday, 05 July 2006

The time is near, folks - Orlando needs to be a crowded place on July 29.

>> it was crowded... thanks to all who went!  Click to see more about the event << 


Come rain or shine, supporters of the Fair tax need to be at The Orlando FairTax Rally, 10:00 a.m. on on Orange Avenue in front of the Orlando City Hall Saturday, July 29.

Not only will Neal Boortz and John Linder be there, but we expect your fellow supporters from across the southeast will jam the streets.

A previous commitment means I won't be able to attend - but feel free to contact me if you want your pictures of the event posted! 


Now, the other day I got another comment from one John W K.  Seem's he's becoming a one man crusade against the Fair Tax.  You can see his comment posted here.

Now, while he does have valid points, he offeres no solution at all.  Not one that would be better, nor one that would transfer power back to the governed away from the government, which is the first step (in my opinion) in moving our government away from it's current socialist bent and back towards the constitutional republic that we were founded to be.

Weaning the citizens from the public teat is not going to be easy, but we have to start. This is another reason I also support reform of, and ultimately the abolishment of, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and the "prescription drug plan".

But we're already far off track... so, if you have comments or questions about the Fair Tax Rally in Orlando, please comment below!

Hey - The results are here!  Click to see how the rally went! 


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