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Victory to Israel
Written by John   
Wednesday, 26 July 2006

You may have heard about the "Peace in Lebanon" rally.

If you didn't you can read about it here.

Once again, the leftists in this country shout "Free Speach for ME! None for you".  This is incredibly disturbing, and you sure did not see it on the ALPHABET nightly news... (ABC/CBS/NBC/CNN/MSNBC).

Here are the facts, in case they care:

1 - Israel didn't start this.  Hezbolah Crossed Into Israel and attacked an Israli patrol, killed several soldiers and took two wounded soldiers hostage before retreating with those hostages into Lebanon.

2 - Those soldiers are still hostages, if they're even still alive.  They were kidnapped for the purpose of attempting to blackmail Israel into releasing captive terrorists - terrorists legitimately captured attempting or causing mayhem within Israel.

3 - Hezbolah is lobbing rockets and missles against civiian populations.

4 - Hezbolah hides it's weapons and other equipment in and around civilian populations and mosques.

So, who's in the wrong here?  Israel or Hezbolah?  Hmmm.  Even my 8 year old son can solve that puzzle.  Yet the "peace in lebanon" protesters, and their leftist anti-american / anti-freedom friends all seem to think that it's Israel's fault...

The conflict between Israel and the Islamic Facists cannot be, and never will be, solved by appeasement.  Israel has capitulated and surrendered, compromised and negotiated for years.  Yet they're still attacked.  Radical Islam will not be happy until Israel does not exist.  But when they no longer have Israel to blame for their problems, what ever will they do?

Write to your congressmen and senators - urge them to let Israel finish the job this time.  No stopping until Hezbolah is eradicated and no longer has the capability to kill another innocent person. 

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