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Fair Tax crowd swings for the fences!
Written by John   
Sunday, 30 July 2006

Orlando Fair Tax Rally!  What a SHOWING!

I don't see how the poiticos in Washington can avoid talking about this.  According to reports, there were between 10 and 12 THOUSAND participants at the Fair Tax Rally held July 29th on the steps of the Orlando City Hall.

While many, including myself, believe that all direct personal taxes should be repealed - our founding fathers would cringe if they saw the system of income-redistribution that has taken root - like Kudzu - in our fair nation.

So when a good idea comes along, it deserves our support.  The first step is saving the nation is moving power from the government back to the governed! 



But there are those, myself included, who see the Fair Tax as a step in the right direction.

Remove the power of taxation and tax-favoritism from the politicians and their lobbiests.  That's a great first step.  And making America more competitive in the world again as a side benefit makes it a twice good idea.

The Fair Tax has other benefits too.  The "underground economy" - the cash collected and spent by the criminal element (Drug Dealers, etc.,) becomes taxable under the Fair Tax - because it's a tax on what you spend not on what you earn.

So, those underground incomes, some billions of dollars every year, now become subject to the Fair Tax, on the same level playing field as the money you work hard to earn - every time they buy something!

Oh, and then there is the matter of that little police body... the IRS.

That's right.  The Fair Tax plan eliminates the evil and intrusive IRS. 

The IRS is an abhoration - an ugly cyst on our governement.  With the IRS, it's Guilty until proven innocent, and the burden of proof lies on the accused, not the accuser. 

That is exactly the type of policy our Founding Fathers fought against - the repression of individuals by an "all knowing" and all powerful government. 

To my friends who say any form of direct tax is evil, I say sometimes the cure is almost as bad as the disease.  Ask anyone who's taken Chemotherapy... But the fact is, you have to start somewhere 

See a few more pictures of the Rally below.

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crows fills the mall in Orlando
The crowd fills the mall in front of City Hall in Orlando.
fair tax orlando-full house!
Wherever they could sit or stand, Fair Tax Fans!




All Images courtesy of Jonathon Rube @ orlando360


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Benjamin Orchard  - Direct Taxes   |Posted From |2006-07-31 09:11:46
Direct Taxes, although onerous, are necessary in any government. Look, I don't like that any more than anyone else, but the fact is that it is necessary.

There are certain services that the government provides that no other organization can or should provide (military expenditures being one of them). It is the responsibility of the US Government to protect our sovereign soil and our borders. This necessitates maintaining a professional military since much of the equipment and tactical considerations are too complex for casual acquaintance to provide effective in combat.

Thus, there are indeed certain services that the government alone can provide. What most of the political arguments in this country are about is not whether or not the government should provide some services uniquely, but what the extent of those services (and hence, how heavily the citizenry will be taxed) should be.

Despite many of the problems in the police force, I think most people would agree tha...
John  - Thanks, Ben   |Posted From |2006-07-31 10:01:37
Ben - thanks for your comment.

You and I are in agreement - a step in the right direction. Time is now to begin the "tough love" and start the process of reducing peoples dependance on "mamma g'ubment".
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