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Democrats and Foreign Policy...
Written by John   
Tuesday, 10 October 2006

 Err, I mean appeasment policy? 

Subtitled: How did that Wacky North Korean Dictator get a nuke!? 

Posted first on the Drudge Report, I found this at

 And apparently the Dems are not fond of the truth - or freedom of speech, but we know that already don't we.  Free speech only applies to Democrats, and any thing they say must be taken as gospel truth.

Here is a GREAT ad that tells the Truth about Democrats and their foreign policy...  Created by David Zucker, of Airplane fame!

Click the Read More link to view!

It didn't take long for the dems to get online and mark the content as "unsuitable".. but we know how they like Freedom of Speech...

But because the video is suitable for all ages, and you should not have to register at YouTube just to see it, I present it here.  So, without further interruption... Your video...


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