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Cut off the nose, to spite the face...
Written by John   
Thursday, 26 October 2006

That's the phrase my very wise old grandmother used to use

when we children would threaten to do something because we were angry.  You know, like threaten to run away from home because we were denied desert for not eating our vegetables.  Stuff like that.

I bring this up, and put it into the category of Politics because it reminds me of what a lot of people are saying about the Republicans these days. 

But the Republicans have given us plenty of reasons to NOT vote for them, haven't they?

Because the election is so important, this article will continue to evolve over the next few days - right up to election day, November 7, 2006.

UPDATES ADDED: 01-November-2006 

Reasons not to vote Republican...

  1. Massive government growth and spending - not a very conservative thing to do ...
  2. New entitlement programs - the "prescription drug" boondogl - again, not very conservative...
  3. Indecisive on Illegal Immegration - despite the fact that 80% of Americans want something done Now!
And that's just a few.  You could toss in the whole Foley "scandal", but that's not really a scandal compared with the sexual escapades of the Democrats.. in fact, there is no evidence that Foley had inappropriate relationships with any of the Pages while they were serving... The Democrats are quite hypocrytical on this issue...And Foley never did leave a young person to drown in a car...
So what to do... 

It comes down to the lesser of two evils... 

Another thing my wise old grandmother used to say is "When your faced with a choice between two evils, take the lesser."  Let's think about that for a moment.

We know that the Republicans have been behaving a little more like Democrats than they ought to.  I mean, "Campaign Finance Reform"?  Medicare Drug Entitlement? Failure to act positively on Illegal Immigration (well, for the most part...the House Republicans understand this issue.)

But what do you get if you choose a Democrat?  More entitlements, More taxes, More income redistribution, Cut and Run in the war on Islamic Fascism, Making it Illegal to home-school your children, and more...

It's funny, the Democrats say they're all for individual rights, but their record speaks volumes against that - example:  Abortion.  Now, this particular "right" is a hot-button issue for a lot of people. And we're not going to disolve into a debate about which side is right, either.  What I'm illustrating is that this particular "right" effects such a tiny percentage of the total population of the US that it really does not matter.

Isn't it funny that the Democrats say "You have a "right" to have an abortion." - you can kill your unborn child, but those self same Democrats are the staunches opponents to School Vouchers.  Thats right!  You can kil your baby, but you have no right to choose which school your child goes to.  At least not with your tax dollars.

Same thing with goes with Gay Marriage.  The democrats are good at demagoging the littlest of issues - issues that are very polarizing - in an effort to show how much they are for "your rights".

When you look at the facts of the matter, however, you'll see that in the eyes of the Democrats you have no rights but the ones they let you think you have.

Some interesting information on the Democrats plans for America can be found on, one of my favorite daily reads.


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