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Southlands Homeowner's! ATTENTION!
Written by John   
Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Southlands Homeowners - Your attention please!

I'll post more notes up here later about the homeowners meeting part2 that was held last night, July 29th 2008.


I have some comments, and fears, and, given the pace at which the board is trying to run this "Master Plan" through, we need your attention please.

You can download the SHOA covenants on the southlands website, or, you can dowload them here along with a copy of my comments, and suggested covenant changes.  But even that does not address the full "Master Plan", and last night details were revealed for the first time. 


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Stay tuned to this website for more information.
You can download the original covenants, which EXPIRE THIS DECEMBER! HERE .
You can download my suggested changes (some of them) and comments on the proxy vote form HERE
Please PLEASE read these.
Please, fellow homeowner, you need to be involved before this becomes another "Green Roof" or tennis court light issue.
John Stegenga
5156 Shotwell 
John Stegenga  - The devil in the details   |Posted From |2008-08-01 16:34:57

Marc Herrick, the president of the HOA, has already sent everyone a "warning" about the document that I am distributing.

And yet, I'm still going forward with putting it out. I'm on version 2 now, and will upload that soon. It has some clarifications that I thought it was important to make.

Please note, fellow homeowners, that this is not "just my opinion", even though I take full credit for the document and the campaign to stop this travesty... many have spoken - a few on the phone - and I am simply giving VOICE to some of our neighbors thoughts here as well.

Please participate in these discussions!
mrherrick  - PLEASE ATTEND A MEETING BEFORE YOU VOTE...   |Posted From |2008-08-05 13:25:50
Thanks for always being so willing to express your thoughts and concerns for the community. I can appreciate that from the stand-point that I have seen several more police cars and teenager issues recently and hope that we don't turn into one of these other neighborhoods that each of us is trying to stay away from. With high-speed cops flying through here chasing kids around for doing drugs, fighting, and speeding all the time, it's a wonder to me that you don't want us to be MORE strict and serious about the covenants.

The Board has received over 100 surveys from the residents and all that we have put together in the Master Plan derives from that feedback. Of course we were ALL for it as it makes our neighborhood better and we can all benefit from nicer, cleaner, newer amenities. These are the things that I present on at my meeting and explain that this was a resident request for these things, and not just an SHOA Board decision.

I'm sure with your knowledge and e...
Sally Sue   |Posted From |2008-08-05 13:26:30
John, unfortunately in this world there are lots of complainers and few doers. I am so happy that Marc is a doer. I would not want his job for the world. He seems to FINALLY be working to improve this neighborhood to make it the sort of wonderful desireable place it can be. Our dues are so very low compared to most around. I think if you don't want to have a HOA or pay dues then you should live somewhere else. You get what you pay for.I personally feel that they should be even more stringent. We have lived here for 7 yrs. and have been disappointed with the appearance of the neighborhood and how it has gone down hill over the past few years. We feel that finally people are starting to care more about their homes and to start fixing them up. It is nice to see the improvements and to see improvement plans to the playground/clubhouse area. It will only increase the value of our property and homes and make this a MUCH more enjoyable place to live. I feel if you can't afford it, then m...
admin   |2008-08-05 13:36:35
Sally -
I want you and everyone to know that there are indeed things that I like about what Marc has been doing. But I also remember the railroad job we all got regarding the Tennis Court lights, that got put up without a confirmed vote of YES...

No covenant is going to fix someone's home, or the appearance of a home, if they don't have the money to do so.

I would flip your comment around, Sally... If you don't like it the way it is, you're welcome to move too - don't try to take my funds to re-make this subdivision into something else. Save the re-modeling to the rooms inside your own home...

The discussion board is a better place to discuss...
Shaking my head.   |Posted From |2008-08-11 17:18:20
I appreciate the work that both you and Marc do, actually. One proposes, one questions. We've gotten a sales pitch, not sound reasoning.

My issue is that most of the changes benefit those that actually use the facilities, the same reasoning that Marc believes should make this a slam dunk.

I think most here do not use the facilities. From that standpoint, dues should be used to maintain what we have; we have a vested commitment to do that. However, I don't think any improvements are going to make a person choose to buy here rather than not to buy. In other words, the increased value to homes is non-sense and is sales-talk for "trust me, don't think about it."

If those that want upgrades really want them, then can have fund raisers and such. But by definition, taking money from others to give to the benefit of the few is theft. The facilities are adequate for community needs.

And for anyone reading, high school students in this neighborhood are known in two catego...
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