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Southlands HOA - VOTE NO
Written by John   
Sunday, 10 August 2008

Yes, Once again it's me.

And again I am urging you to vote no.

If you want the Board to enter into a 240,000.00 loan with no guarantees of the outcome or the permanent effect on our association dues, feel free to vote yes.

Marc and others on the board expressed to us and directly to me in the last meeting (this past Thursday, August 7th 2008) that, to paraphrase "they're not spending any more time on this, and, if we homeowners' don't vote yes to the loan, they'll just keep raising the fees anyway to pay for what they feel is needed."

They are not interested in proposing less expensive improvements.  They want the Cadillac, even though that's not what they bought into when they moved here.



AND, if you want to ensure your vote is counted, please feel free to drop the vote off at my house to be turned in together.  See the Vote No message in the discussion thread if you need my address. 

Michael Morrison  - Not entirely true   |Posted From |2008-08-13 17:46:44
You say that we should vote NO, because the Board wants to only entertain the option of the "Cadillac". This isn't actually true. I too spoke with Marc, this weekend in fact, and he asked me what my feelings were about the option of going with an outdoor pavilion and stated that he was actually leaning towards that idea. But something has to be done and decided on and begin to move forward or nothing will ever get done.
admin   |2008-08-13 22:04:40
But because of the very generic and non specific way the "ballot", if you can call it that (it's more like a survey, because it has no specificity), a YES vote would be considered to approve the plan as they presented it... and that's the Cadillac.

Marc told me to my face at the last meeting that "I'm not spending any more time on this, or developing other options. Vote yes or no".... So I choose NO.
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