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SHOA - Waiting!
Written by John   
Wednesday, 20 August 2008

SHOA -- Waiting for the Votes.

So, we're waiting for the results.  I've not heard anything yet, and so  we wait.

Just FYI, the responses and comments I've received HERE, and the email I've received separately, shows about 70% NO... so, we're just waiting on the final tally - And, of course, for the promised "list of locations" for the speed humps.


If anyone hears anything, please let me know!

UPDATE - September 13 2008 - Electronic version of the news letter was mailed out.... IN MS PUBLISHER format...

Since this is not a universal format, or one that many people would actually have access to, I converted to PDF.  Click HERE to see the newsletter and vote totals. 


jm1239   |Posted From |2008-09-02 09:02:40
I e-mailed Marc about the proxy and he said "not enough votes to conclude anything." Either there are enough votes or not. Has anyone heard anything else?
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