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More Southlands Info
Written by John   
Sunday, 19 April 2009

Hey Everyone --

Important to remember that your home-owners association dues are DUE!

Please make sure you take the time today, if you have not already, to get that check in the mail.


Also, Marc has put out a request for volunteers.  This is a chance for all of you who want some changes to throw your backs and your time behind your desire!

In case you did not get the email - click "read more" to see the request. 

Hello Southlands Residents,

The pool is expected to open around Memorial Day and we have a few items that need to be addressed before the pool inspection.  Our opening date is dependant on us completing these tasks.  As capable individuals here in the community, we wanted to see if we could gather up a few individuals who might be willing to volunteer their time and effort for a neighborhood work day.  We have a list of projects that need to be addressed and we’re certain we can get most of it done in a day or two with some assistance from the community.  We really need your assistance and labor, and just as importantly, we need your TOOLS.  Please bring whatever tools you have for the project you plan to work on, and we’ll provide the supplies.  We’re trying to avoid spending any additional funds to save for the new playground, and it’s days like this that will allow us to do so.  We’ll plan to have the grill going to keep everyone fed and BEvERrages should be available as well. 


We’ll be out thereSaturday,  May 2nd, 9-5 & Sunday, May 3rd, 12-6, and am hoping we can get several people each day to get it all done. 

Please volunteer whatever time you have, even if it’s a couple hours.


Please review the list and send me an email if you feel there’s something you would like to do, or be assigned to.

1)      Remove fencing sections on back of Pool House between building and Tennis Courts.

2)      Re-use fencing sections to build out new Garbage area and replace missing Boards.

3)      Check entire fence, each board, and make necessary improvements for securing all the way around.

4)      Build out of New Chemical Cabinet / Cover to hide chemicals on side of Pool House

5)      Remove bushes in back of building and possible replant elsewhere.

6)      Concrete work in area of bush removal.

7)      Remove rotten siding & rebuild back and side walls of Pump Room.  Replace Siding.

8)      Build Countertop on back of new Pump Room wall, possibly add sink.

9)      Pressure wash all concrete around pool and new entrance around Pool House.

10)   Clean up of trash and debris in the area, around outside of fence and inside pool area.

11)   Hang all new signs on Pool House that need to be hung.

12)   Remove concrete pad near playground (bobcat may be needed)

13)   Landscaping clean up around playground, prep area for eventual new playground.

14)   Landscape border around existing playground and eventual new playground area.

15)   Re-do landscape woodchips/mulch around all existing swing areas.


It’s a long list, but we need all this done before the pool opens.  If this goes well, we can also plan to have it all re-painted prior to the pool opening.

With all this work and new bathrooms, we should be in great shape for our 2009 Summer season.  Thank you all in advance, and please send me your availability as soon as you can.  See you then.


Marc Herrick

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