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Duplicity in the Democratic Party
Written by John   
Thursday, 22 June 2006

It is not difficult at all to find Duplicity in the members of the Democratic Party.

Especially on the matter of Energy Policy.

Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Democrats cry out for an energy policy that reduces our independence on foreign oil, yet in practice every single thing they vote for raises the cost of energy, restricts the use of our own national sources of energy, and increases the nations dependence on imported energy.

How do you reduce your dependence on something? Find a way to do without, or replace it with something better.

Dependence often carries a negative connotation.  You don't hear people talking about our dependence on Air, Water, or Food.  Those things are called Essential.  So, you tack the Dependence tag on something to wrap it in a negative connotation.  The problem is, Energy is as essential to the sucess of the United States as is AIR.  Without energy, we would not be the nation of sucess that everyone want's to immegrate to.

But the Democrats tag Energy with the negative tag of Dependence.  Why is that?  Because they want you, dear citizen, to be dependant on THEM for your well being and welfare (literally).  Democrats don't want to reduce our dependence on foreign oil,  they want to reduce our dependence on energy. If this were not true, they would vote on issues that WOULD allow us to reduce the imports of energy from foreign sources.

Since the 1970's, our national consumption of oil has grown by five million barrels of oil per day.

In that time, the Democrats have voted against energy indepencence by voting down every single issue that would have:

  • Increased domestic refinery capacity
  • Increased the number of domestic Nuclear Power Plants
  • Increased the capacity of domestic oil production
  • Increased domestic natural gas production
In fact, it is more likely that the CHINESE and the CUBANS will be sucking gas and oil from around southern Florida before we will. Does that make sense? To anyone? It does to Al Gore, Hillary Clinton and the rest of the duplicity, errr, I mean Democratic party.



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